Roof Box Rentals from July 15th, 2020

We understand it may be a stressful time for everyone at this time; from us all at Roof Box Hire, we hope you’re keeping safe!

Right now we can only dream of breaking free from the shackles that is the COVID radius, visit our hairstylists ???? and enjoy a tasty pint ? (remember those?), but we’re all in together so hang in there.

It won’t be long now before July 20th rolls around which means the first stage of freedom! ? With this in mind, we want to ensure when you do decide to travel, you can do so in comfort.

We understand it’s still impossible to plan ahead. But, if you’re confident you will be taking a trip down the country we recommend trying to book as far in advance.

We’re taking bookings from 15th July onwards; Book Here!

We will take our customers health and safety seriously and have made a few changes:

  • Naas is a case-by-case fitting location only
  • We’ve merged our Red Cow location with our U Store It Charlestown (Finglas) depot.
  • As Charlestown provides the secure parking space to utilise social distancing this is now our primary fitting location.
  • Work on an allocated time schedules: ~30-minutes per fit and ~15 minutes per return.
  • Reduce social interactions; where possible, each car has one designated fitter.
  • Meet and greet; we love the social interactions we have with or customers, but times have changed. As a result, please don’t feel offended if we are busy and ask you or your kids to remain in your car throughout installation.

As always, we look forward to providing one less service for you to worry about for a comfortable and stress-free journey.

Roof Box Hire

-Travel in Comfort!

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