Heading to Electric Picnic? Whether it’s your first and only music festival or just another checked off of a long list of them, one thing is for sure; it’s time to start getting that campsite checklist down to a fine art.

If you’re a music festival veteran, you surely have this down to a tee by now, but you can always guarantee there to be one or two friends that just don’t understand you don’t need to bring the kitchen sink. Sure, it’s better to overpack than be left stuck in a field, but not when you’re carpooling with four other people.

Tent, check; sleeping bags, check; sleeping mat / air mattress, check; pillows, check; camping chair, check, two slabs of cans (and the rest), check etc, etc, etc . . .

We’re not going to sit here and tell you what you should and shouldn’t pack because we don’t believe there should be limitations to comfort, especially when it comes to seeing what does and doesn’t make the cut in the car.

Heading off to a festival should be full of joy and excitement, not the dread of spending a return trip squashed under camping gear sweating for the next few hours. The next time you and your friends plan for your upcoming music festival make sure you travel in comfort; contact Roof Box Hire.

We offer a free fitting and dismantle service weekdays in Naas, Sallins, Drumcondra and at the Red Cow with an optional delivery and collection service in Leinster. Get a medium box (420L) and bars from just €75 or upgrade to a large box (460L) for an additional €10.

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Roof Box Hire – Travel in Comfort!

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