So maybe you’re planning your first family trip away, the first of many to come of course. You realise a young child comes with a lot more luggage than you thought and all of a sudden your car doesn’t seem as spacious as it used to be. So you think to yourself “we need a roof box”. So you do a bit of researching and realise you could rent a roof box, or make an ‘investment’ for the future.

Why rent a roof box when I could buy one? I mean this is the first of many family trips right? Your boot paired with purchasing a roof box will solve all your storage problems. From the child’s buggy to the portable cot and the 101 other things that come with young kids.

Buying one sounds like a great idea. So the first thing you do is pop into your local camping, leisure and travel store. And then it hits you; it’s not just a roof box you’ll need.

To fit a roof box on your car, you’ll need some roof bars running across your roof to lock it into place. But to attach these roof bars to your vehicle, you’ll need a foot pack. Now if your car isn’t lucky enough to already have roof rails for the bars to hook onto, then you’ll need to fork out on a fitting kit.

Now let’s get to the cost side of things. Let’s take into account a medium sized (360L) roof box alone costs in and around €200, sure we can go into the technicals and find cheaper or more expensive ones, but for a standard, reliable and safe one that’s what you’re expecting to spend. Now let’s throw in the basic price for low-level roof bars; €50, foot pack; €100 and a fitting kit; €50 on top and you’re already looking at €400.

But it’s an investment you say. If I spend €400 now, I’ll have it for life, right? Correct, but will you have the same car for life? Will you have it five years from now or even next year?

Yes, most roof boxes will fit any car (depending on the size of the vehicle and box). But roof bars and foot packs come in a range of different sizes for saloons, hatchbacks, SUV’s estates, vans etc. Then it comes to fitting kits, and nearly every style of vehicle requires its own fitting kit.

Now compare that to being able to rent a roof box. With Roof Box Hire you get a large (460L) roof box rental with all the parts, free fitting for a week at just €100. That’s your next four family holidays covered. Plus you don’t need to worry about storing it for the next four years.

Buying a roof box doesn’t sound like much of an investment anymore now does it?

For your next family trip get a roof box rental with Roof Box Hire. We have Thule roof bars, foot packs, fitting kits and roof boxes to fit 98% of vehicles. The best way to get in contact is to Submit a Request Here! – Travel in comfort!

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