One of the first things we ask before we can confirm any roof box rental is ‘What roof type is your vehicle?’.

If you’ve never had to purchase or rent a roof box and rack before, this might seem like an odd question, but it is important to note that specific car models have more than one roof type.

So to help us ensure we have the right roof rack for you we’ve created this handy guide to provide some clarity on your vehicle.

  1. Side Rails – These are factory installed bars that run from the back to the front of your vehicle. These are raised with enough space to fit your hand through them.side-rails-roof
  2. Flush Rail – Similar to the side rails these are also factory installed and run parallel to your car. However, they are flush or only slightly raised from the roof with no gap in-between.flush-rails-roof
  3. Fixed Point – Fixed point have threaded holes that mate reinforced lugs into the roof. You can find these under four individual flaps or sliding panels situated on each door side of the vehicle.fixed-point-roof
  4. Bare Roof – If none of the above applies to your roof then you have a bare roof. A small clamp hooks the rack around the top of the door frame and locks into place via a small hole in the door seal. Bare-roof

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